Akane (akane) wrote in regards2bway,

Who is my favorite charecter? What a difficult, impossible question!! I enjoy the Balladeer from Assassins quite a bit. Partially because his comments on the action are hysterical. J.W. Booth has just shot himself and the Balladeer quips "Johnny Booth was a headstrong fella" in such a casual way, as if he had just stalked off in a temper tantrum instead of put a bullet in his head. The whole interation with Charles Guitteau is good too. "You've been a preacher. You've been an author" are delivered with the same lightness of mood as "You've been a killer". I really enjoy the casual way he gets to sing about death. I understand that sounds terrible, but I think it illustrates perfectly our desire as human beings to indulge in dark hummor. I cried at my grandmother's funeral, but I also remember having a few good laughs as well.

Understand too that the Balladeer undergoes an important shift at the end of the musical. It warps your mind a bit to realize that the whole time you were enjoying this charecter mocking John Wilkes Booth or egging on egotist Charles Guiteau he is Lee Harvey Oswald. He doesn't understand the assassins or their motives, doesn't appear to be agreeing with them and yet in the end, he becomes the most hated of them all. The balladeer is far to complex a character for me to go into here, this late at night, but I enjoy his humor and the transformation he undergoes.
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