souhaits de champagne et rêves de caviar (leaving2nite) wrote in regards2bway,
souhaits de champagne et rêves de caviar

hey everyone. I'm new to this community. Obviously I LOVE BROADWAY and that's why I've joined. I've loved musicals and the theater all my life, and all my life (or ever since I can remember at least) I have been a "broadway hopeful". Over the last year I have been sick numerous times, diagnosed with asthma, pre-mature arthritis in my knees and a bad back. That means no more dance or difficult singing for me. Needless to say I am devastated. I cry almost every single time I go to the theater now, wishing with every atom in my body I was one of the girls up on the stage tap dancing in Anything Goes or projecting On My Own off of a huge stage being watched by hundred of Les Miz fans. My ideas of my future have had to change, and they have, but not that greatly. I am now a "Julliard hopeful". I am going to dedicate every extra hour of the day and ounce of my energy to the project of getting into that school's drama program. I know it is next to impossible, since they take only 20 students every year, but a girl can dream...can't she? Anyway, I still love Broadway and I am sure I will have fun posting in this community!

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