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Reposting question.


Who is your favorite character from a musical or play, and why?
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The Balladeer from Assassins is still my fave (read a few weeks back for explination), but I also like Jonathan from Tick, tick.. BOOM! Probably because he is so unsure of himself and where he is and is turning 30. Although my thirtieth is still two years away, I too feel the pressure to know what I'm doing and to be successful.
I think my favorite character in a musical for the levels the character has is Sally from Cabaret. You really have to have seen or know the Broadway revival version, the 1960's version doesn't explore Sally as much. But the complexity of the character and what the actress who plays it has to go through is exceptional. From being a happy go lucky cabaret singer in a peaceful Germany to a tormented lover and a second rate perfomer in war torn Germany.

I just finished stage managing this show for the 2nd time at a community theatre in my area and it moved me every single night.

But I love many many other characters too :)
Velma Kelly. She got to kill her husband and her sister. Plus she lived in an awesome time period. She's just this strong, funny, talented, and interesting character. You have to love the infamous.