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Finally a Mod post

Hello. Im back. Ive been here, but too distressed to actually do anything with this community. So as it stands im now here to moderate, because my friend Reina is no longer with us. Her untimely parting leaves a lot to be done, and I'd like a little help with ideas. Heres the thing.

In our school the Drama Club and the Drama Department are pretty much two separate entities, they were together at one point, but then they separated long ago. The Drama department puts on the shows, and the Drama Club does the Cabaret, but has descended to the point where it has a stigma of "the people who didnt make the plays" and it pretty much became that, however Reina was involved in both, and she had a plan to re-vamp it to get rid of some of that stigma. It seemed like a great plan, but she and I never got into the details because she was still developing it. Here's what she did send me though:


Back to Basics
The New Drama Club

Our objective is to put the art of theatre back into the Drama Club and give it a fresh start. There are four types of people that make theatre possible- the actor, the playwright, the director and the stage hand. All strive toward one larger goal, but each have their own different part to play. To put on a great show, these people have to work on their craft before coming together. We want to take this concept and apply it to the Drama Club by having seperate focus groups. In each of these different workshops they will learn the fundamentals of their role; at the end, they will come together to start staging Cabaret Night by using the new skills taught.
The Workshops
While all of the workshops are customized for each role, there are some running themes in all- "Silence is Golden" and "Use What You Have". As a Director, they will participate in all workshops, as well as have seperate Director's Meetings for the Cabaret Night.

Actors- Discovering the Human

  • Observations excursises
  • Character Analysis
  • Classic and Contemporary Monologues
  • Diction and Dialect
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

Playwrights- The Pen is Mightier

  • Discussion of classic works
  • Play Structure
  • Character Development
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

Stage- Pulling the Strings

  • History of the Theatre
  • Ins and Outs of Stageing
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

At the end of the workshop process the casting will begin for Cabaret Night*

*To ensure a good performance, the date of Cabaret Night can be pushed back. Furthermore, "Cabaret" should go back to being a "Student Run" event.

New Rules:

Anyone who isn't considered an asset will be asked to leave. This includes people who interrupt workshops and meetings and don't contribute to the Drama Club
Any "visitors" who aren't formally invited will not be allowed in.
Everything that happened in the past that doesn't add any postivity won't be talked about. The is the New Drama Club
Singing is allowed, but random bursts of singing slow down the process and might irritate others, so be kind. If you can't sing, don't.



Its a great idea, but she was the only one with the details as to how it was going to be done. I wasnt even involved in the drama club before she wanted me to be a part of the re-vamping process. So basically its now me and one other person have to fill in all the blanks, or come up with something else. So you ask where do you guys come in?

I inted to distract them a little while with some acting games, and improvisations. If you have any games or improv games to share, then by all means post them, because I know a few but just in case I need some more, some help would be appreciated.

And any ideas as to what to include in these workshops would be great as well, because I have about 2 weeks to throw together the entire plan, and I know a lot of it is going to be slapdash, but Id like to get as much of it planned as possible. That and Im already running the Musical Revue put on by the Drama Department, so Im incredibly busy.

So thank you all in advance, and I'll slowly get a little bit more active in here.


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