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[16 Jul 2006|10:12pm]

Does anybody have the "Guys and Dolls" soundtrack? I really need it as a present to my brother, whose birthday is in two days. ^_~ I can trade it for a "Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber" or "Best Broadway Musicals" CD via MegaUpload, Rapidshare, or some similar website.
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[25 Mar 2006|10:56pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

I am soooooo addicted to the soundtracks from Rent and Avenue Q it is not even funny

Favorite Rent Songs
1. Seasons of Love
2. Take Me or Leave Me
3. Out Tonight
4. La vie Boheme
5. Another Day
6. Today 4 U
7. One Song Glory

Avenue Q
1. I Wish I Could Go Back To College
2. What Do You Do With A B.A. In English/It Sucks To Be Me
3. The Internet Is For Porn

still need to work on downloading more Avenue Q songs from itunes what is highly reccomended?

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Please Help [30 Dec 2005|12:55pm]

I'm auditioning for a lot of colleges soon and while most are just for acting, I do have a musical theatre audition with one. I need for it two songs, one upbeat and one ballad. The catch: one of these songs has to have been written before 1970, a period with which I am not too familiar with the songs ( I tend to like the more modern style). So, I'm asking people for help. I think that I want to do the ballad as the more modern one, so I need an upbeat song written before 1970 for an alto who sings pretty darn low, but loves to belt around an A or B flat, C is where my break is. My audition is January 14th so I need to start working now. If anyone has any suggestions of songs, or even good shows that are from before 1970, please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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wonderful town [21 Aug 2005|10:13pm]
hi, i guess i should say a little about myself. i was in a lot of shows in high school, and had some leads. then i went on to be a voice performance major in college, but ended up switching my major because i didn't want to travel around for performances for the rest of my life. now i'm 22 and i really miss singing... haven't auditioned for a show in about five years, so i'm a little nervous to do this, but i really want to try my hand at community theater.

has anyone been in or seen "wonderful town"? i'm auditioning for it in a couple of weeks. i saw it a few years ago, but don't remember much. i know the part of eileen is soprano (and i have a very high range), but i can't remember the extent of the dancing that character had to do... i'm a terrible dancer, but at least i could practice a bit ahead of time.

please tell me anything you know, because i really want to be prepared. thank you so much!

(i'm posting this to a number of places because i need all the info i can get!)
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[16 Jun 2005|01:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! I'm Pip, and I bet I haven't made a hello post yet, so hello! I'm a twenty year-old actress, I've been in three shows; Cabaret (U/S Sally Bowles), Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz), and I'm currently Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls. So, I don't have tons of experience, and I really want to make sure I make all the right decisions for the right reasons...

So please help if you would like!Collapse )

This is my question. Is it really worth it to bring it up with the director? I really don't want to seem like a Diva. Also, if this is not an appropriate discussion, I will delete the post.

x-posted everywhere, because inquiring minds would like to know.

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Hi New Here [05 Jun 2005|01:51pm]
Hi My name is Rob and I love Broadway... I've seen 6 shows on Broadway so far--- Beauty and The Beast, Wicked, Lion King, A Christmas Carol (twice) and this summer I plan to see All Shook Up, Hairspray and a return visit to Oz to see Wicked. I just started a community for Hairspray fans---


So come join and I will be around here!
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[02 Mar 2005|09:56pm]


hey everyone. I'm new to this community. Obviously I LOVE BROADWAY and that's why I've joined. I've loved musicals and the theater all my life, and all my life (or ever since I can remember at least) I have been a "broadway hopeful". Over the last year I have been sick numerous times, diagnosed with asthma, pre-mature arthritis in my knees and a bad back. That means no more dance or difficult singing for me. Needless to say I am devastated. I cry almost every single time I go to the theater now, wishing with every atom in my body I was one of the girls up on the stage tap dancing in Anything Goes or projecting On My Own off of a huge stage being watched by hundred of Les Miz fans. My ideas of my future have had to change, and they have, but not that greatly. I am now a "Julliard hopeful". I am going to dedicate every extra hour of the day and ounce of my energy to the project of getting into that school's drama program. I know it is next to impossible, since they take only 20 students every year, but a girl can dream...can't she? Anyway, I still love Broadway and I am sure I will have fun posting in this community!

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Newsies [26 Feb 2005|12:49pm]

[ mood | Yay! ]

Yo, I'm new, but I <3 Bway.
So, I'm me and la.

Last Five Years and Secret Garden are among my favorite musicals.

Acting is what I like to do. And also singing and dancing.

Wicked rocks too. But you already know that.

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[20 Jan 2005|07:21pm]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

I saw Brooklyn the Musical on the 15th. Everyone should go see it! They started putting the play bill in black and white. Don't let Eden's good voice go unheard!

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New Community [20 Dec 2004|02:15pm]


Hey guys!

Come and Join manu_narayan the new community about the wonderful Manu Narayan, star of Broadway's Bombay Dreams!


manu_narayan manu_narayan manu_narayan manu_narayan
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[06 Dec 2004|04:29pm]

hi all...just found this community :)

next week i have an audition for "seussical" i'm pumped, that's one of my favorites..BUT i'm having a problem, i can't find stupid sheet music from it. I REALLY REALLY need a copy of some songs...

does anyone have music they can send me via e-mail or something...thank you so much...

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Reposting question. [04 Oct 2004|03:35pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Who is your favorite character from a musical or play, and why?

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Finally a Mod post [02 Oct 2004|01:53pm]


Hello. Im back. Ive been here, but too distressed to actually do anything with this community. So as it stands im now here to moderate, because my friend Reina is no longer with us. Her untimely parting leaves a lot to be done, and I'd like a little help with ideas. Heres the thing.

In our school the Drama Club and the Drama Department are pretty much two separate entities, they were together at one point, but then they separated long ago. The Drama department puts on the shows, and the Drama Club does the Cabaret, but has descended to the point where it has a stigma of "the people who didnt make the plays" and it pretty much became that, however Reina was involved in both, and she had a plan to re-vamp it to get rid of some of that stigma. It seemed like a great plan, but she and I never got into the details because she was still developing it. Here's what she did send me though:


Back to Basics
The New Drama Club

Our objective is to put the art of theatre back into the Drama Club and give it a fresh start. There are four types of people that make theatre possible- the actor, the playwright, the director and the stage hand. All strive toward one larger goal, but each have their own different part to play. To put on a great show, these people have to work on their craft before coming together. We want to take this concept and apply it to the Drama Club by having seperate focus groups. In each of these different workshops they will learn the fundamentals of their role; at the end, they will come together to start staging Cabaret Night by using the new skills taught.
The Workshops
While all of the workshops are customized for each role, there are some running themes in all- "Silence is Golden" and "Use What You Have". As a Director, they will participate in all workshops, as well as have seperate Director's Meetings for the Cabaret Night.

Actors- Discovering the Human

  • Observations excursises
  • Character Analysis
  • Classic and Contemporary Monologues
  • Diction and Dialect
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

Playwrights- The Pen is Mightier

  • Discussion of classic works
  • Play Structure
  • Character Development
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

Stage- Pulling the Strings

  • History of the Theatre
  • Ins and Outs of Stageing
  • "Use What You Have"
  • "Silence is Golden"

At the end of the workshop process the casting will begin for Cabaret Night*

*To ensure a good performance, the date of Cabaret Night can be pushed back. Furthermore, "Cabaret" should go back to being a "Student Run" event.

New Rules:

Anyone who isn't considered an asset will be asked to leave. This includes people who interrupt workshops and meetings and don't contribute to the Drama Club
Any "visitors" who aren't formally invited will not be allowed in.
Everything that happened in the past that doesn't add any postivity won't be talked about. The is the New Drama Club
Singing is allowed, but random bursts of singing slow down the process and might irritate others, so be kind. If you can't sing, don't.



Its a great idea, but she was the only one with the details as to how it was going to be done. I wasnt even involved in the drama club before she wanted me to be a part of the re-vamping process. So basically its now me and one other person have to fill in all the blanks, or come up with something else. So you ask where do you guys come in?

I inted to distract them a little while with some acting games, and improvisations. If you have any games or improv games to share, then by all means post them, because I know a few but just in case I need some more, some help would be appreciated.

And any ideas as to what to include in these workshops would be great as well, because I have about 2 weeks to throw together the entire plan, and I know a lot of it is going to be slapdash, but Id like to get as much of it planned as possible. That and Im already running the Musical Revue put on by the Drama Department, so Im incredibly busy.

So thank you all in advance, and I'll slowly get a little bit more active in here.


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New member of LJ [23 Sep 2004|11:07pm]

Hi, I'm new on here and saw this community and thought it would be great to join. I love Broadway musicals! Some of my favorites include Blood Brothers, Rent, Cabaret, Aida, Jane Eyre, 42nd Street, and I could go on and on and on. I've been involved in theatre since high school and just recently graduated with my BFA in stage management. I found my talents lay but better backstage rather than onstage, so that is where I have stayed and enjoy. Anyways I just wanted to say hello and hope to have a good time here.
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[21 Sep 2004|07:52am]

[ mood | depressed ]

Question of the Day

Describe the perfect date with your fave broadway actor/actress.








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Stagespace.com [20 Sep 2004|08:48pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey, I just found a new place for theatre people that might interest some of you: stagespace.com. You can join forums, search for other people who love the same plays you do, maybe even get scouted out by talent scouts, have your own blog on there, etc. I'm thespianoge there too if anyone else joins and is interested in this. I thought it was a cool idea. I hope to see you guys there!

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[20 Sep 2004|12:34am]

Who is my favorite charecter? What a difficult, impossible question!! I enjoy the Balladeer from Assassins quite a bit. Partially because his comments on the action are hysterical. J.W. Booth has just shot himself and the Balladeer quips "Johnny Booth was a headstrong fella" in such a casual way, as if he had just stalked off in a temper tantrum instead of put a bullet in his head. The whole interation with Charles Guitteau is good too. "You've been a preacher. You've been an author" are delivered with the same lightness of mood as "You've been a killer". I really enjoy the casual way he gets to sing about death. I understand that sounds terrible, but I think it illustrates perfectly our desire as human beings to indulge in dark hummor. I cried at my grandmother's funeral, but I also remember having a few good laughs as well.

Understand too that the Balladeer undergoes an important shift at the end of the musical. It warps your mind a bit to realize that the whole time you were enjoying this charecter mocking John Wilkes Booth or egging on egotist Charles Guiteau he is Lee Harvey Oswald. He doesn't understand the assassins or their motives, doesn't appear to be agreeing with them and yet in the end, he becomes the most hated of them all. The balladeer is far to complex a character for me to go into here, this late at night, but I enjoy his humor and the transformation he undergoes.
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Ok, I am going to try to do this. [17 Sep 2004|08:48pm]

[ mood | blank ]


Who is your favorite character from a musical or play, and why?

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[02 Sep 2004|04:45pm]


My list is not even close to being done. I've been at it for a couple of  hours. I've been writing paragraphs (heehee). But I had a burst of creativity so I made some icons (All Wicked). Feel free to grab, tell me what you think.

Defying GravityCollapse )

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One Short Day, One Long List. [31 Aug 2004|02:17pm]


Alright people, we have an assignment. First I want you all to stare jealously at my first icon that I made. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you can stop looking at it now. If you want it, go ahead. Who wouldn't want that frabjous piece of work? heehee. Okay, back to the assignment. We're gonna need all hands on deck (where the hell did that come from? I think I was thinking about Pirates of Penzance and Capt. Jack Sparrow. Hmm, POTC-The Musical. That's an idea. Oh lord, I'm rambling) for this. Thanks to the brilliance of thespianoge (did I spell that wrong? probably did. I wonder if I can check that somehow. I'll probably lose this, though. God, I'm doing it again! Bah.), I'm gonna list all of the musicals known to man. From that, I want everyone to list the ones they've seen/heard of/listen to the OBCRs of (or something) and their opinions. This will be like a question of the week. I figure from this we can make a website or something....kinda like a one-stop shop to all your Broadway needs (like a Walmart-haha *I know!*< inside humor).

Now I want EVERYONE (that means you journal stalkers out there who haven't posted in awhile. You know who you are) to contribute. Your opinions are very much valued. The more, the merrier,  people, remember that (great, now I sound like my mother). You don't have to write paragraphs on every musical you know (if you don't want to *wink*). We just want some info and other people's opinions.

Now, I was in the process of making a list, but then I thought, why not find a website? So I did. They have a huge "Browse the Musicals" section that I tried to put onto here, but my patience is almost non-existent.

I'm not feeling at my greatest, so I'm going to take a break from the world and come back to compose my list. Just post yours whenever you get a chance. Ciao!!


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