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One Short Day, One Long List.

Alright people, we have an assignment. First I want you all to stare jealously at my first icon that I made. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you can stop looking at it now. If you want it, go ahead. Who wouldn't want that frabjous piece of work? heehee. Okay, back to the assignment. We're gonna need all hands on deck (where the hell did that come from? I think I was thinking about Pirates of Penzance and Capt. Jack Sparrow. Hmm, POTC-The Musical. That's an idea. Oh lord, I'm rambling) for this. Thanks to the brilliance of thespianoge (did I spell that wrong? probably did. I wonder if I can check that somehow. I'll probably lose this, though. God, I'm doing it again! Bah.), I'm gonna list all of the musicals known to man. From that, I want everyone to list the ones they've seen/heard of/listen to the OBCRs of (or something) and their opinions. This will be like a question of the week. I figure from this we can make a website or something....kinda like a one-stop shop to all your Broadway needs (like a Walmart-haha *I know!*< inside humor).

Now I want EVERYONE (that means you journal stalkers out there who haven't posted in awhile. You know who you are) to contribute. Your opinions are very much valued. The more, the merrier,  people, remember that (great, now I sound like my mother). You don't have to write paragraphs on every musical you know (if you don't want to *wink*). We just want some info and other people's opinions.

Now, I was in the process of making a list, but then I thought, why not find a website? So I did. They have a huge "Browse the Musicals" section that I tried to put onto here, but my patience is almost non-existent.

I'm not feeling at my greatest, so I'm going to take a break from the world and come back to compose my list. Just post yours whenever you get a chance. Ciao!!


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